Do you enjoy espresso? Do it simple. Check the last project of ergonomic glass cup - handmade with Czech glassmakers. Now available on the e-shop.

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Espresso glass cup
This is a simple ergonomic espresso glass cup. Designed for enjoying your coffee time. Handmade with Czech glass makers. Realized project.
The drop of light
Water drop inspired glass chandelier is a special light source for specific interiors. The light source in top part describes fascinating shapes of glass. Crazy Czech Surrealism glass sculpture for art-focused interiors. Realized project.
Rivet tools
Concept modeling and sketching for Rivetec - czech engineering company develop and sales rivet tool. Real project with several design options and model lines. From sketches to 3D model.
G500 LiVi
From sketch to 3D model with A - Class surface quality. CA Styling. Livi Design team.
CTU CarTech FS.03 body design
I designed and built composite carbon body for CTU CarTech FS.03 car (model 2011). CTU CarTech is a Formula Student/SAE team. Students develop and produce racing car for international student competitions. An amazing experience to work in a team and solving technical problems.
Formula Simulator Cockpit Design
F1 Simulator is my first commercial project after my study. My role was a make design of cockpit inspired by Formula 1 cars. There is a version for Rally motion silmulator also.
PPF Racer
PPF Racer is idea for old school racing car with modern technologies and engines...Connect Past, Present and Future - PPF. I would like to focus more on the visual representation of a racing atmosphere and connect visualisation with photography and illustrations.
Cargo Racing
CA Styling and visualizations of race VAN Concept for Cargo Racing. Design by Jiří Král. More info on
Car wheel model
Car wheel freestyle theme. CA Styling
mv Leaf
Inspired by leafs. Friendly design with dynamics. Car for young couple and free time on country... Reducing weight with mini leaf gaps on front/rear and side panels. Quick surface model.
3W Concept
3W Concept is a free idea of 3 wheller vehicle for young people. Free concept modeling. New fresh vehicle for old towns.
E-Scooter is a conversion of traditional scooter like more effective daily personal vehicle for active people. E-Scooter is a part of the lifestyle.
Light Things Concepts
Smart indoor/outdoor things for daily using. Application of COB light technology.
3D Print Smart Things
3D print smart things ideas for new generation modern people using internet of things...
Datrek Company Logo Design
Logo design for Datrek Company - Czech car parts shop
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